Shipping and Returns

Shipping & Returns
Priority Hair & Boutique Inc. wants to provide you with the best possible shopping experience we can. We appreciate our valued customers and do everything that we can to guarantee their satisfaction, even when shipping and returning our products.
Product Returns & Refunds
We understand that mistakes can happen or that sometimes, merchandise can be wrong or damaged. Therefore, we have put a return and refund policy in place in case any of these things occur. In the event there is an issue with any of the products that you’ve received, please contact us within 24 hours.
Due to the nature of our products, our return policy varies with each item. Generally, there is no return policy unless the wrong product was delivered. Subsequently, refunds are not processed due to the type of products we offer. Please contact us for any additional help.
Worldwide Shipping 
For our customers’ convenience, we offer national and international shipping of all products. Please allow 24 hours for any payments to post. Once your payment is secure, we will ship your purchase to your requested destination. 
We use standard shipping, which is 5 to 7 business days for domestic orders. Shipping periods for international orders are based on your location. Please contact us for any questions on expedited or priority shipping.